What is Pool Conditioner?

What is Pool Conditioner?

How does it impact your pool quality?

Let's jump right into it!

Pool conditioner, which is cyanuric acid, plays an important role in your pool. It is added to the pool to help keep chlorine in the water. Without pool conditioner, the ultraviolet rays will burn off the chlorine which will leave your pool vulnerable to bacteria. The conditioner will bond with the chlorine in the pool and keep it in the water for a longer period.  This keeps the water sanitized and safe to swim in!

The ideal levels for conditioner are between 40-80 parts per million (PPM). We like to keep the conditioner levels around 50 ppm. The conditioner levels don’t vary much from week to week, so we test it on a monthly basis. This will also depend on whether or not a big amount of chlorine demand is needed.

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