• Maintenance

    We service pools on a weekly basis. Our service includes netting the surface for debris, brushing walls and tile, vacuum if necessary, cleaning skimmer and pumps baskets, balancing pool chemistry and adding necessary chemicals for crystal clear and safe water, a secondary surface netting, back washing filter if necessary, and inspecting equipment for possible failures.

  • Other Services

    Acid washes, algae treatment,concrete pool deck sealers (Deck-O-Seal), filter cleanings, green pool cleaning, new plaster start-up, pool tile blasting, salt cell cleaning, and more! We also service and repair portable and built in spas and hot tubs!

  • Repairs & Installations

    We offer a range of repairs and installations such as Automatic pool vacuums, automation pool systems, heaters, pool lights, pool pumps, pump motors, salt systems, and more!

  • Emergency

    For an additional service fee we will quickly respond to any pool needs, including your pool equipment or pool cleaning for a special event.

Our Work



Ruva Pool Care has been providing quality pool care to clients in La Canada, La Crescenta, Pasadena, Sylmar, San Fernando valley, and Los Angeles Valley since 1989. We provide our customer with top notch pool and spa services to make sure their pool needs are met with the utmost quality and professionalism.

The exceptional quality in our work has kept us in business, and that with never change. We always strive to make our customers feel like family.

Meet Our Team

Ruva Pool Care is a family owned small business dedicated to providing professional pool and spa service. We have been in the pool industry since 1989, and we provide quality pool care to clients in La Canada, La Crescenta, Pasadena, Sylmar, San Fernando valley, and Los Angeles Valley.

  • Marco A. Ruvalcaba - Owner/ Pool Technician

    Marco A. Ruvalcaba - Owner/ Pool Technician

    My name is Marco Ruvalcaba and I am the owner of Ruva Pool Care. I have been in the pool industry since 1989. I started my career in a pool construction company formerly owned by well known builders Bob and Steve Walcott, which was later sold. Along the years I have gained a lot of knowledge in the industry. My experience has allowed me to start my own business focusing on pool maintenance and repairs. I provide a professional service for my clients making sure I always work towards earning their trust, which is very important for us as a small family owned business. When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my wife and three sons. My eldest son has now joined me in the business.

  • Mark A. Ruvalcaba - General Pool Technician

    Mark A. Ruvalcaba - General Pool Technician

    As a young seven year old child, I always wanted to help my dad at work cleaning pools. I enjoyed helping out even if it was just checking chemicals with a test kit. I would even help him every summer throughout high school. This helped me learn a lot about the pool industry and how to run and operate a business. I eventually went on to study at a University, then I joined the military. I am currently serving in the Army, while working with my dad in the family business.

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What Customers Say

We take pride in the service we provide to our customers, and our testimonials really prove that!

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